Digital World Leaders Strategy

We focus on mega-platform providers that tend to be first in bringing a new service or product to market because they have the resources and flexibility to act on emerging trends, such as new forms of payment.  As uptake grows, these companies often gain a competitive advantage.

The portfolio favors demonstrable projected market dominance over the next three-to-five years and large companies with integrated networks of distributed and diverse capabilities. Among the deciding factors we examine are market capitalization relative to the industry; steadiness of past earnings and revenue growth; balance sheet strength; valuation; and levels of cash holdings.

  • The world population is shifting more of its workload and daily tasks online.
  • We believe that we are still in the early stages of this digital transformation.
  • Seismic shifts in behavior are often fueled by large multi-line companies that compete for first mover advantages.

* Source:

Six major film studios collectively command approximately 76% of the domestic box office market share.*

How to invest

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