PENCE Digital World Leaders Portfolio UIT

A unit investment trust that seeks above-average capital appreciation by investing in companies that have been identified for their involvement in the digital economy.

Please note that there is no assurance the objective will be met.


Holdings Style Analysis

As of 10/12/2022 and may vary thereafter.

15 Month, Series 13

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15 Month, Series 12

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Key points to consider

The world population shifts more of its workload and daily tasks to online or computerized sources.

We believe that we are still in the early stages of this digital transformation.

This shift in global behavior is typically dominated by large scale companies that tend to be first when bringing a new service or product to market.

How to invest

Pence Capital Management develops investment strategies for distributors and model portfolios for advisors. To invest in Pence Capital Management Strategies, please contact your broker or advisor.

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