PENCE Transformers Portfolio UIT

The trust seeks to achieve its objective by investing in a portfolio of stocks of companies deriving a substantial portion of their revenues worldwide that Pence Capital Management, LLC as portfolio consultant believes are involved in aspects of the transformation of consumer behavior and technological innovation. The trust is structured as a Regulated Investment Company (RIC).

Industry Breakdown

As of 10/10/2022 and may vary thereafter.

Key points to consider

Unprecedented improvements in digital technologies are transforming our daily lives with more options that are better, faster and cheaper, greatly improving Productivity.

Humans will always try to do more for less. Technology makes our lives easier and more efficient by improving quality of life – our “Live-a-tivity”.

These improvements can be seen through the emergence of transformative trends such as the Internet of Things, the Subscription Economy, Big Data and Cloud Computing, Autonomous Vehicles, Cyber Security, or AI and Robotics.

Companies in the portfolio either have leadership with stellar track records of innovation or the potential to develop new and great technologies in the future.

How to invest

Pence Capital Management develops investment strategies for distributors and model portfolios for advisors. To invest in Pence Capital Management Strategies, please contact your broker or advisor.

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