PENCE Building America Portfolio UIT

A portfolio of stocks chosen by Pence Capital Management, LLC representing companies they believe can benefit from “Building America” through infrastructure projects including civil construction, engineering, and the sale of construction materials. The trust is structured as a Grantor trust.

Industry Breakdown

As of 10/10/2022 and may vary thereafter.

Key points to consider

Our nation’s infrastructure system needs an overhaul.

Bridges are collapsing; freeways are crumbling, and the lapsing integrity of the country’s dams are becoming more the norm and less aberration.

In 2014, congested cities costed the country $160 billion in wasted time and fuel, according to INRIX. The average American household loses 6% of their pre-tax income every year due to a lack of infrastructure spending.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the U.S. needs to spend $4.6 trillion over the next 10 years just to avoid further waste of “Live-a-tivity”.

Given the fact that about 51% of the country’s infrastructure spending is funded by the Federal Government, the heavy burden lies on Washington. We believe that there is bipartisan support to fund the necessary infrastructure investment.

How to invest

Pence Capital Management develops investment strategies for distributors and model portfolios for advisors. To invest in Pence Capital Management Strategies, please contact your broker or advisor.

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