Model Portfolios

PENCE model portfolios deliver on thematic investment objectives, incorporating the best of our equity and fixed income ideas.

how we incorporate equity

In developing our strategies, we are highly selective in the stocks of companies included across our portfolios, investing only in companies that we believe stand to benefit from the thematic investment objective. We screen for:

  • Predominantly U.S. based equities and ADRs and, typically, companies with greater than $1 billion market capitalization
  • Acceleration potential based on the company’s key growth metric focusing on the long-term investment horizon


how we incorporate fixed income

We leverage ETFs across some of our SMA strategies in order to gain exposure to fixed income based on the risk tolerance of each portfolio. We select fixed income ETFs for:

  • Targeted exposure to fixed income securities, in-line with our investment philosophy and “Big Knowable Themes”
  • Low-cost, efficient entry and exit points
  • Portfolio liquidity

Our Portfolios

Five portfolios offer investors a range of choices to align with their objectives. The number ratios reflect Equity | Fixed Income (or Cash). PENCE Strategies are managed by Pence Capital Management, a registered investment advisor.

How to invest

Pence Capital Management develops investment strategies for distributors and model portfolios for advisors. To invest in Pence Capital Management Strategies, please contact your broker or advisor.

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